Training Drill #01


In this 5v5 game,the aim of the game is simple,score more goals than the opposition. This drill obviously works best with a squad of 15 as it allows one team to rotate per match,the other team being ‘wall players’.

5 versus 5
Third team as ‘wall players’
1 ball
4 sets of small goals
Each team’s aim to score in any of the 4 goals.
First to 3 goals stays on,loser swaps positions with ‘wall players’
If no team has scored 3 goals within 8 minutes,the team ahead stays on with the other rotating,if no one is ahead,first team to score stays on
No more than 3 touches
1 touch finish to score a goal
Can’t have a goalkeeper
‘Wall players’ have just 1 touch
Who can work well in tight spaces?
Who can make a good pass with 3 touches or less?
Which ‘wall players’ are concentrating and work well with just 1 touch?
A ‘neutral player/floater'(plays for whichever team has possession)
Every team starts with 5 shuttle runs,every time they concede,an extra run is added,every time they score a goal,1 run is deducted. At the end of the games,all teams must complete how ever many runs they have

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