In this article I will hopefully explain to you how my 3-2-3-2 tactic works and why I use it.This tactic is brilliant for creating overloads areas in different areas on the pitch.When attacking,our main scope of attack is the wide areas,due to our free roaming players,we often drift wide to create overloads.In games where opposition pose a considerable threat,I sometimes start the game with a ‘Control’ mentality and change the tempo to ‘Lower’ rather than ‘Higher’ and ‘Retain Possession ‘ rather than ‘More Direct Passing’ but in the second half I change to my usual direct style.Usually in a style that is so attacking and direct,teams can struggle to keep possession but due to the high amount of central overloads we create,we have high possession rates,usually over 65%. 


The libero role moves freely into midfield roles when in possession,this can mean at times we have five players in midfield,helping us keep possession well and dominate the centre of the pitch,which is in my opinion the most important area on the pitch,when defending he will sit deeper than the defensive line,covering the other two CB’s.The two centre-backs rarely,if ever,have to press due to both the deep midfielders having a ‘Defend’ duty.The centre-backs don’t have to cover and defend the flanks either as the wide midfielders cover a lot of ground,defending as well as attacking.

The ball winning midfielder can be used in two different ways.If used a ‘Defend’ duty,he will be the deepest midfielder,protecting the back four and only venturing from his position to press the ball.In a ‘Support’ duty,he will play up alongside the central midfielder.The deep-lying playmaker is arguably the teams most important player,when the team is attacking in waves the deep-lying playmaker will sit back and restart attacks.He is also the key player for starting attacks,playing direct passes out wide to the wide midfielders.The central midfielder,who has the ‘Automatic’ duty can play in many different ways.He can make late runs into the box or he can play as a third deep midfielder.The wide midfielders are dry industrious players.They must fulfil defensive duties as well as playing in advanced areas when attacking,these players are required to have good stamina.I like using these players on the same side as their strongest foot but when playing in a ‘Control’ mentality I use the players on their opposite foot to come narrow and dominate the centre of the pitch.
The shadow striker has almost an important role in the team.He is the one who can create overloads in almost every area of the pitch.He has the freedom to drift wide or drop back into midfield.The shadow striker can often swap positions throughout the game with the complete forward.The complete forward must be a very mobile player with decent physical attributes.He and the shadow striker both must drop to get on the ball when circulating.



As usual,I have used player instructions rather than team instructions for pressing,this means our shape is exactly the way I want it in the transition.The ‘More Direct Passing’ instructions mostly resulted in direct passes out wide to the flanks due to the ‘Exploit the Flanks’ instruction.The ‘Work Ball into Box’ instruction is there to stop us forcing the ball into the box,this can often become a problem when using the ‘More Direct Passing’ instruction.Although we play a direct style,I use the ‘Play Out of Defence’ instruction,this is because if I do mr use this,the goalkeeper begins kicking from hands into the channels,giving away possession.The ‘Higher Tempo’ instructions increases the speed of attacking waves.Throughout games we can switch between a deeper line or a higher line according to our mentality.

For the individual pressing,these are the instructions:
Libero-Much Less


Ball-Winning Midfielder-Much More

Deep-Lying Playmaker-More + Tight Marking

Centre-Midfielder-More + Tight Marking

Wide Midfielders-More + Tight Marking

Shadow Striker-Much More + Tight Marking

Complete Forward-Much More + Tight Marking
I hope you have enjoyed this article on my 3-2-3-2 formation,which is certainly an intersting tactic but in my case,one of the more effective tactics I have used in FM15.It certainly guarantees attacking football but it can also use a possession style of play if needed.If you need a hand crating the tactic or are making any slight changes to it then feel free to contact me through Twitter or a comment below.


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